Trotter APP
Explainer Videos

Series of explainer videos as a starter kit for a newly launched travelling lifestyle app

Explainer and ads videos for a travelling lifestyle app

Trotter is an exciting new travel app that brings together personalised recommendations from friends and influencers, all in one place. With the beta version released, the app was ready for takeoff. The Trotter team wanted our agency to help the app stand out in a marketplace crowded with lifestyle apps. Our help came in the form of a highly engaging explainer video and advertising video.

The Result

We believe creativity is endless without limitations. We had a blast working with Trotter on this project. Check out how the explainer video turned out, along with a shareable video for social media.

Anurag Verma – CEO Trotter App

“Highly recommended. Stephen and his team worked closely alongside RUNA to rebuild the UI/UX of our app, automate and design all email marketing and create a great look and feel to base our new product on. Stephen is time efficient, knowledgeable and always had great input.”

From abstract to animation: bringing the Trotter story to life

Developing an app is an all-consuming, time-consuming affair. So when it’s done, we know how easy it can be to get caught up in all the cool technical features and benefits.

But for Trotter’s explainer video, we knew we had to deliver a strong connection piece to win users over. To achieve this, we needed simplicity. First, we crunched down the key message to create a cohesive and upbeat narrative script.

Then it was time for the project art director and data visual specialist to select the right visual elements using analogies and metaphors. This made the script even simpler, in a creative way.

For us, the visual design supports the script by drawing out an immediate emotional response.

Characters borne from research

Trotter had identified female millennials as their key demographic. We wanted our lead character to be savvy, distinctive and hip – someone that would be relatable and inspiring to the target demographic, as well as to other travellers.

When developing characters, we pay attention to the fine details like what they wear, their overall style, haircut and even accessories.