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  • Mobile App, Website
  • Art Direction, Branding, UI/UX, Web design & development

Andelo team build mobile app for Kalinga from a fresh idea into a complete app design along with intuitive UI/UX. It’s all began from Kalinga’s founder comes to approach us and presented his idea to create a disruptive mobile app that will revolutionise healthcare industry. Kalinga app help nurses to find job easily, better flexibility and higher financial compensation. The app has been tested and validated by numerous users, which now is highly anticipated by both users and nurses.

Mobile App Design process

Andelo team start the project by releasing questionnaire to help our team have a deep understanding about the app purpose, required functionality and user needs. We expand the basic brand guideline, create user journey and visualise few screens app for client to get the look and feel.

After a few discussions and brainstorming together with client, we produced a extended brand with a compelling visual design. Thus, we implemented the design into the user journey, and create a prorotype to present to client the mobile app design and infastructure. We take one week to do validation process by showing the prototype that we’ve made to nurses, get feedbacks from them and incorporate all the feedbacks to empower the app.

The outcome was beyond client expectation as client receive many positive feedbacks from nurses, and potential partnership. We handed over the completed prototype to our mobile development partner and we’re very excited to see the app launched in April 2018.


Client was super happy and ask us to establish Kalinga’s digital presence with website. The website featured introduction of Kalinga app, Landing Page for nurses to apply as a registered healthcare provider for the app, and informative portal for users to get better understanding about the app.

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App and Website Integration

Completing registration for nurse to become complience and has adequate profile is compulsory to ensure the safety for all stakeholders. it takes a long process which easier to be completed from website rather than from mobile.

Therefore, we build website integration to mobile app. Therefore all the nurse registration process can be completed from website instead from mobile. With the integration that we made, all information is transferred from website to mobile backend.

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